Jay Bhatti

Founder & CTO - BrandProject

NJ has a rich history of innovation and BNJ is working to bring that back.  Our goal is to make NJ the most rewarding place in America for founders to build a start-up.

Colin Day


Brand New J is focused on transforming NJ's economy and its image to attract the growth companies that will drive our future.

Debbie Hart

President & CEO -  BioNJ

Opportunities abound for the growth of the biotech and tech sectors in New Jersey and strategies such as those being developed and advanced by Brand New J are exactly what’s needed to foster and build on that opportunity.

Brian Smiga

Partner/Co-founder - Alpha Venture Partners

NJ's growth company investors and leaders, who create 1000s of jobs, have pooled our best ideas and experience to generate New Jersey’s comeback.

Jennifer Crews

Founder – FLOCK

New Jersey  is the birthplace of multiple technologies that changed the world,  including the transistor, barcoding and C++. We have an opportunity to amplify our inventive spirit by making New Jersey as founder friendly as possible and foster a new wave of innovation.

Brian Twibell

CEO - RedVision

BrandNewJ provides NJ based companies with an ecosystem of talent, support and resources to succeed and prosper.

Gary Mottola

Senior Executive - Madison Marquette

In New Jersey we’re proud of our diversity, our competitive spirit, and our reputation for being gritty, tough and resilient - qualities we can use to grow our economy and improve our brand.

Lorine Pendleton

NY Chair - TIGER 21; Investment Partner - Portfolia

New Jersey is a great state with many advantages from our location to our highly skilled and educated workforce. Brand New J is committed to fueling the growth of businesses in New Jersey for all types of entrepreneurs by attracting new ones to the state, accelerating existing ones and promoting policies to create a business-friendly environment. We want all entrepreneurs, including women and diverse ones, to have a seat at the table in rebuilding the economy in NJ.

Chris Sullens

CEO - CentralReach

Creating a vibrant growth economy in NJ requires providing growth companies with an environment that accelerates their development and steepens their trajectory.  The policies proposed by Brand New J will create jobs, attract entrepreneurs and foster this growth environment.

Simon Nynens

CEO - Wayside Technology Group

New Jersey deserves better and Brand New J offers ideas and policy solutions to do just that. Brand New J is focused on generating the best solutions to drive the innovation economy and deliver growth to the great state of New Jersey.

Trevor Higgs

CEO - Catalyzer

Brand New J is comprised of leaders and investors who understand the needs of high-growth companies and how to accelerate investment in NJ's growth economy.

Aaron Price

CEO - Propelify

The eagerness for NJ to reclaim its place as a global leader in the innovation economy has reached a tipping point.  I’m proud to be a part of Brand New J to foster a new generation of creative thinking to help NJ realize the potential so many of us envision.

Roy LaManna

CEO - Vydia

The rapid expansion of New Jersey's Tech Sector is a direct result of leadership organizations like Brand New J cultivating a thriving ecosystem for NJ innovators and entrepreneurs.

John Frankel

Founding Partner - ff Venture Capital

Brand New J provides a platform for the state's growth companies to access the people and resources they need to become economic anchors of the local ecosystem.

Bob Herrmann

President & CEO - Discovery Data

To dispel misperceptions about New Jersey and create a more business friendly environment for the fast growing technology sector, we all need to come together behind the advocacy efforts of Brand New J.

Marcus Weldon

CTO and President - Nokia Bell Labs

We are on the verge of the next technological revolution, one in which humans will be augmented with new sensory, cognitive and even biological capabilities and adaptions that will change how we live and work.  New Jersey has a rich history of innovating across these dimensions, and has the potential to once again lead the world in pioneering this revolution

About Brand New J

Brand New J is a leadership organization that develops ideas and projects to grow New Jersey’s tech and innovation economy.

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We’re a think tank of job creators: founders, growth company CEOs, investors, accelerators, growth advisors, makers and mavericks.

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